Centos: Disable X Window System

Open /etc/inittab file, enter:
# vi /etc/inittab
Find the line that read as follows:
Change it as follows:
Save and close the file. Reboot system to test new changes:
# reboot



Centos 6: Setup SSH to run on startup

By default SSH is not configured to run on startup. This means you will have to activate the service every time before being able to use SSH on the CentOS server.

To enable this to come back up after reboot run the following command.

chkconfig sshd on

This can be applied to any service you want to run on boot. Once this is done restart the server and SSH will be started

Postfix and Google’s SMTP Server

The above sources will give you a detailed description of what you need to do (including creating a certificate, in case you don’t have one already), I’m just going to list the essential parts here. As a prerequisite, you need a Gmail account, as Google’s SMTP server requires you to authorize before allowing you to relay anything.

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Running MediaWiki on FreeBSD

This installation guide assumes you are installing on the local machine (localhost) and that you are logged in as the superuser (root). Also, these instructions have been tested to work with FreeBSD 8.0+, PHP 5.2/5.3, MySQL 5.0/5.1, Apache 2.2, and MediaWiki 1.13 (or later). Other software versions might require slightly different steps. Instructions for older versions of FreeBSD are below.

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